Essential Social Media Business Tips

April 12, 2019

Essential Social Media Business Tips

It cannot be stressed enough regarding the pitfalls that you may encounter when you are operating social media. There are certain steps for sure that you can take to mitigate the aforementioned problems. Social media is a must as it is a great marketing tool, what could be the difference between your business falling or flying.


first and foremost what needs to be established is tone. A trend which is capturing peoples’ attention at the moment is humanising marketing, whereby the social media admin will take a more personable approach; humour is frequently a way in which for a tangible connection with whoever is reading. By subverting expectations of how companies generally operate, it allows for a slew of retweets, likes, replies. It is worthy of mentioning, this is free marketing. Of course this is not for everyone, however it is worth considering for sure.

Hiring someone to operate the social media side of your business may appear initially as a waste of resources, however this is definitely not the case. It is so useful, identifying someone who is savvy when it comes to social media as it puts less pressure on you. If you want high engagement, it is definitely the way to go. Low in priority? Sure. However, it is worth mulling over. The role often doesn’t just pertain to engagement, answering messages directed at your company is a big part of it.

Information Overload

Be concise. Don’t overload the reader with information on social media, instead opt for conveying your message with few words. Though, try to be as impactful as possible. The reason for this is, you need to keep the reader engaged. The longer your tweet is, the less likely the reader will finish the entire tweet or Facebook post. Though for people who write content for social media, nothing beats seeing what gets a high amount of interactions and making future content similar to it.

Share visuals. Regardless of your audience, visuals are fantastic at increasing engagement. The reason why depends, whether it be simply conveying information in an interesting way or use humour. It is so effective because writing is so ubiquitous and requires much more attention from the person consuming it. It is simply the type of communication our brains crave, the average consumer’s attention span being a total of 8 seconds. Further, what is fascinating, the time it takes for our brains to process visual clues is a 1/4 of a second.

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