Virtual Reality

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April 2, 2019
April 12, 2019

Virtual Reality

What is it?

A staple of old sci-fi movies, virtual reality has materialised. No longer is it a product of fiction. It is still in the infancy stage, though it will only improve with time. Most associate it as a tool for video game developers, however it is a multifaceted device which has a plethora of uses. 

The future of virtual reality excites. It isn’t quite the Holo Deck in Star Trek, however it is off to a promising start. One facet of it that is interesting is how it will be used in the medical field. Virtual reality could be the standard shortly in terms of training, meaning there will no longer be a need for the use of plastic models. In theory, within seconds they would be able to switch between different problems, solving them as if they were performing actual surgery. There is a strong possibility that this will result in better-trained, better-performing surgeons.

Gaming and Other Uses

Although briefly mentioned previously with PTSD and soldiers, virtual reality will drastically alter the lives of people. It is used to help remedy people with paranoia, however currently it is crude visually. 30 subjects via virtual reality learned social situations they feared were actually safe. One, for example, is you walking onto the tube. One subject said that it has been a great benefit, saying: “I think it will be helpful in reducing any feelings of anxiety that I may have.” Professor Freeman called the results of the experiment “exceptionally good.” It clearly can help so many people, even though the technology needs improving. The most salient issue currently in this area is price, the idea of many clinics having access to it not viable at this stage.

Regarding gaming, it has been lacklustre. What games are available to customers at the moment are basic, making it come across as a novelty in lieu of something that should be taken seriously. The demand for it just isn’t there. Though, Playstation releasing a headset is a massive statement. Though Microsoft, Sony’s rival, has not released one as of yet. If the market was different and Sony’s headset was a roaring success, certainly Microsoft would have released their equivalent by now. But the lack of demand is not because people are against the idea of VR, it is because of the price and what they gain with the purchase. For sure, when it improves the number of sales will skyrocket.

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